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Prepared Baseball Mom Bag: Natural Remedies & First Aid

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Baseball season is here!  That means it’s time for the Baseball Moms to think ahead about all of the things that need to be in their baseball bags.  Over the course of the season, baseball families spend hours and hours of total time at the little league field.  Any number of things could pop up, so a Diligent Mama needs to be prepared!  Let’s start by talking about natural remedies and first aid items that every Baseball Mom (or any sports mom) should have on hand.

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Homeopathy for Baseball Mom Tote

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Ledum 30– Night games equal mosquitoes, so I always keep Ledum in my bag.  It’s great for insect bites of all kinds, but it helps tremendously with mosquitoes.  After a mosquito bite, one or two doses of Ledum typically takes care of both the itching and the swelling  You can read more about Ledum in the Nation Center for Homeopathy’s Materia Medica, which can be found here.

Apis 30– Apis is also in my bag.  It is great for strings.  Whether it be a wasp, a bee, or even fire ants, Apis can save the day!  I’ve watched it calm a screaming child in a matter of a couple of minutes.  It helps with both the pain and swelling.  You can read more about Apis on the Boiron website here.

Arnica 30 + Rhus Tox 30– I love this combo to help with muscle soreness, pains, and inflammation from overuse  After my son has thrown a lot of pitches, we give him several doses of this combo.  It helps so much that he usually asks for it before I even remember.  Arnica is also nice to have on hand because it helps with pain associated with bumps and bruises of any kind.  And if one of my children received a head injury of some sort, the first thing I’d do is grab my Arnica!

Here is a link to some favorable research from the British Homeopathic Journal regarding the Arnica and Rhus Tox combo for soreness.  And here homeopath Joette Calabrese explains how Arnica is helpful after head injuries. And here the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists shares about Arnica’s many uses.

Glonoinum 30- You can bet that during the heat of summer, my baseball bag will contain Glonoium! Many homeopaths recommend Glonoinum for over-heating or the beginnings of heat stroke.  Here Joette Calabrese discusses its benefits.

Belladonna 30– Belladonna is also a good option for over-heating.  It can help with fever and earaches with throbbing too.  You can read more about Belladonna in Dr. Boericke’s Materia Medica.

Nux Vomica 30– Nux Vomica can help with upset stomach or vomiting.  Is that ballpark hotdog not agreeing with you?  Got butterflies in your tummy before the big game?  I’d reach for Nux Vomica. You can learn more about it here.

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*Tip for Dosing These Remedies– In certain situations, it might make sense to water dose some of these remedies to your child in a water bottle.  For example, if my son was showing signs of over-heating, I’d drop a couple of Glonoinum pellets in a bottle of water and send it to the dugout with him.  Then he could sip it every few minutes during the game.

Where to Buy These Remedies– I’ve got a list of places you can shop for remedies.  You can check it out here. Thinking about buying a whole homeopathy kit (good idea!) or investing in a couple of homeopathy reference books? Find my recommendations below.

4 homeopathy books
2 homeopathy kits

First-Aid Kit for Baseball Games

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I also keep a few different items in my baseball bag for basic first aid.  Everyone knows that game day might bring scrapes and cuts.  That’s why I keep some Colloidal Silver for cleaning wounds.  I also have some of Boiron’s Calendula ointment to put on the clean wound, and Band-aids in multiple sizes.  I also like to keep a pair of rubber gloves in case I need to glove-up before addressing a wound. And a wrap bandage might not be a bad idea, if you have room in your first aid kit.  It could come in handy for a sprained ankle or even securing an ice pack.

Other Baseball Mom Essentials

While these items might not fall into the category of remedies and first aid, I wouldn’t head to the baseball field without them!  Baseball season falls during the time of year when we must think about sun protection.  While I’m a big fan of getting some quality Vitamin D from the sun, we certainly don’t want anyone to burn.  So, make sure you have a good mineral sunscreen on-hand.  I like this Badger one.  You might also need baseball caps or a bucket hat to provide some protection.

Staying Organized with Your Baseball Tote

I think I’ve tried every organizational method out there.  I’ve had gigantic bags with a zippered pocket for every item!  I’ve had a massive utility tote filled with dozens of cosmetic bags to hold items. But those methods resulted in a lot of time spent searching! My favorite method is just gallon size ziploc bags thrown into the large, main compartment of a big bag.  I can organize like items together, and easily see what’s in each bag.  And ziplocs bags are waterproof, just in case you get caught in the rain!

In case you haven’t figured it out, having a good shoulder bag is a big deal to me!  I want one that opens wide, is water-resistant, has a zippered top, has long shoulder straps, stands on its own, and has a front pocket for my cell phone. And like Goldilocks, I have specific sizes in mind…not too big, not too small. Okay, I’M PICKY. But these bag specifics perform critical functions make game day easier for all of us, so I’ll stick to my guns on the right bag! 

 I’m actually not a fan of the popular Bogg Bags.  While they have ample storage capacity, I’m terrified something will fall out. Plus I find it awkward to carry a boxy bag and a baby at the same time.

 Anyway, if you’re picky about bags too, you can check out the day tote bag I’ve settled on here.  Its not fancy, but it does the job!  There are a few colors of totes available. If you are looking for something a little more stylish, check the Etsy app!

Final Thoughts on Prepping for Game Day

While I hope you never use most of the items in your first-aid kit or remedy bag, better safe than sorry!  And don’t be surprised if other baseball fans come over and ask to borrow your kit once they realize how prepared you are!  I’m always happy to share…it’s a great way to serve others and meet a need, so why not?!

Also, I’ve made a little card for you to print off and stick in your first-aid bag as a reminder of what each remedy might be used for. It’s available for FREE, instant download in my Freebies Library. Go grab it today!

Looking for more ideas about Homeopathy and natural remedies?  Be sure to visit my Remedy with Diligence page!

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