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Quick & Easy Sourdough Pancakes (with Discard)

These are the best pancakes, if I do say so myself!  But before I go any further, let me encourage you…do not be intimidated by the idea of making Sourdough Pancakes.  It really couldn’t be any easier!  And this comes from the girl who once thought you could only make pancakes if you had a box of pancake mix on hand!  So, if you need an easy sourdough pancake recipe that gives you all of the shortcut tips, you’re in the right place.  You’re going to love this delicious recipe!

I have to say, I’m always impressed by people who separate their wet ingredients from their dry ingredients, and they carefully add in each ingredient in a thoughtful order.  I’m sure that’s the smartest way to make pancakes.  But I’m not that kind of cook.  It seems I’m always short on time, so I love recipes that don’t require me to be precise or careful. Give me a “just throw it all in the bowl” recipe that will still turn out yummy, and I’m all ears.  My recipe is one of those kind of winners, which is probably the only reason it stays on rotation at my house!

Understanding a Little Sourdough Language

This recipe calls for Discard Sourdough Starter.  Let me define that term, just in case you are new to working with sourdough.  Discard is simply “unfed” starter.  That means that it is time to add fresh water and flour to your starter, but you take out a scoop to use BEFORE you feed it.  Generally speaking, if you are using an additional leavening agent (like baking soda or baking powder), you can use sourdough discard. Discard recipes are handy because it allows you to use up excess sourdough starter so that you don’t have sourdough coming out of your ears!  

In contrast, if your sourdough recipes are relying on the sourdough to do all of the leavening work, then they will probably call for Active Sourdough Starter.  This type of starter has ben “fed” fresh water and flour within the past 4-12 hours or so.

jar of bubbly sourdough starter

Sourdough Starter

Tools That Make Sourdough Pancakes Easy

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Kitchen Aid Mixer– If you’ve seen many of my Done with Diligence recipes, you’ll know that I always sing the praises of my Kitchen Aid mixer.  It baffles me that some people keep their mixers tucked away in the back of the pantry or in the back of the cabinet!  I use my mixer pretty much every day.  Sometimes 3-4 times per day!  Anyhoo. A mixer with a large bowl is the easiest way to knock this job out quickly. Here is a link to my mixer.

Pancake Batter DispenserThis handy little gadget sure does make it less messy (think less clean up) and more efficient to make a big batch of pancakes. You just scoop a cup of batter into the little funnel, and you’re ready to go. Dishwasher safe, too!

graphic showing steps to using a pancake batter dispenser

Cast-Iron Skillet– Some people choose to use a griddle for making pancakes, but I simply use a cast iron skillet. It holds the temperature well, and I don’t have to figure out where to store a griddle!

Ingredients for Sourdough Pancakes

  • 1 1/2 cups All-Purpose flour ( I use organic)
  • 2 tbs honey or organic cane sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt (I use pink Himalayan)
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda (I use aluminum free)
  • 1 cup discard sourdough starter
  • 1 cup milk (I use raw milk)
  • 2 eggs (Farm fresh is best)
  • 3 tbs butter (room temperature) 
  • More butter for skillet
Pile of pancakes on white plate with butter and syrup

Directions for Sourdough Pancakes

  1. Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl.  Don’t over mix or your pancakes might be a little tough.
  2. Warm skillet over medium-low heat.  Melt butter in the bottom of the skillet.
  3. Plop a little batter into the skillet. You should be able to cook about 4 pancakes at a time in a standard 12-inch skillet.
  4. Watch the bubbles on the top of the pancake.  When the bubbles start slowing to a stop, it is time to flip with your spatula. (about 2-3 minutes)
  5. Cook on the other side for another 1-2 minutes.
  6. Set aside on an empty plate, and start your next batch!
  7. Serve with pure maple syrup or fresh fruit.
pancake in skillet about to flip

Time to flip!

Tips for Making Sourdough Pancakes

  • These pancakes freeze so well!  You can easily make a double batch and stick one in the freezer for later.
  • You can also mix up your batter the night before to make for an easy morning.
  • Adding a small pat of butter to your skillet between batches makes the pancakes extra yummy.
  • Cooking for a huge crowd?  You can cook pancakes on a baking sheet in the oven!  Use parchment paper.  Just dispense the pancakes onto the tray in rows.  Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.
  • Want extra fluffy texture? Allow your sourdough pancake batter to “rest” for about 15 minutes before you start cooking.
  • There are tons of topping options for pancakes…chocolate chips, fresh berries, whipped cream, and more!

Final Thoughts on Sourdough Pancakes

While I MIGHT make pancakes on a Saturday morning, you aren’t likely to find me making pancakes on a weekday morning.  Mornings are just too busy for that!  But one tip that has really helped me is to cook breakfast for dinner.  While I’m making dinner, I make a double batch of pancakes so I’ll have some for leftovers for the next day’s breakfast and some to freeze.  It’s a perfect way to food prep.  And I love that my kids can warm up leftover pancakes by themselves to make a delicious breakfast treat.

Also, when I made the decision to stop buying so many packaged snack foods for my kids, that meant I had to be open to different snack options.  And let me tell you, fluffy sourdough pancakes make a great snack for my growing boys!  With all of the good probiotics from the sourdough, a little protein from the butter and eggs, and none of the questionable chemicals found in most packaged snack foods, it’s a better option for them anyway.  Not to mention these delicious pancakes are so budget-friendly.  If you are still trying to buy organic snack foods for your kids, the extra cost is probably noticeable on your grocery bill.  Might be time to think outside of the box!

If you are looking for other sourdough discard recipes, be sure to check out my Sourdough Breakfast Brownies.  They are so easy, and it certainly feels like a special occasion anytime you get to eat brownies for breakfast!  Plus, they also make a great snacks packed with all of the good stuff your kids need.

Want to print this recipe card for free? My recipes are available in my Freebies Library in your choice of Binder Size or Recipe Card size!

recipe card for sourdough pancakes

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