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10 Homeopathic Remedies Every Family Should Own (& the Most Important Ones for Kids!)

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  1. Belladonna  2. Arnica  3. Pulsatilla  4. Gelsemium  5. Allium Cepa  6. Hepar Sulph 7. Phosporus  8. Nux Vomica  9. Calendula  10. Ledum

Wondering where to begin with homeopathy?  Got a limited budget or just want to start small?  Let’s talk about 10 of the most important homeopathic remedies every family should own.

(I am not a medical professional.  I’m a student of homeopathy and a mom that loves and uses homeopathy every day.  I’m sharing this information as a friend who speaks from personal experience. It is intended to offer ideas for further investigation, which may involve consulting with a professional homeopath or medical doctor. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Affiliate Poilcy for more information.)

Getting Started with Homeopathic Remedies

Now, I could easily have titled this post 25 of the Most Important Homeopathic Remedies Every Family Should Own.  Or even 50 of the Most Important Remedies.  I haven’t counted, but I’d guess that I own around 150 remedies, and my collection is ever-growing.  One of the biggest secrets to success with homeopathy is having WHAT you need on-hand WHEN you need it.  Ordering remedies can take up to a couple of weeks, which is way too long when you are trying to treat most acute illnesses homeopathically.

So while it may seem like quite an investment, I can’t encourage you enough to begin building your homeopathic remedies collection.  Because my medicine cabinet is well-stocked, I haven’t needed to take any of my 4 children to the doctor for sick care in over 5 years!  We’ve been able to handle everything ourselves at home, naturally.  How awesome is that?! THANK YOU, HOMEOPATHY!

To be clear, I’m NOT making the suggestion that you should never take your sick child to the doctor or that you can treat every possible illness at home. I’m thankful we have access to medical doctors when we need them, and there is a time and place for medical intervention. But what I want to emphasize here is my personal experience. Had it not been for my little homeopathy kit, I’m fairly certain we’d have made DOZENS of trips to our doctor’s office for routine childhood illnesses. For us, fast, attentive, homeopathic treatment has resulted in my youngest 2 children NEVER taking a single pharmaceutical product in their lives. That’s right…they have remained antibiotic-free, steroid-free, etc. And I’m pretty excited about that, and incredibly thankful.

If you aren’t already familiar with homeopathy and the research around it, you might want to take a minute to read my post on the basics of homeopathy. It’ll help you get up to speed.

With homeopathy sounding like a foreign language (the remedies are all given Latin names), it can be very overwhelming to know where to begin. We are all familiar with Tylenol, but what in the world is Hepar Sulph or Allium Cepa? Don’t let the names throw you off. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, right? So what should you buy first? Let’s talk about what to order and why you may want to have it on-the-ready.

Homeopathic Remedy List

As I write this list, I’m already struggling to declare my top 10! But it’s a question I’m often asked, so I’ll do my best. Just know that this list isn’t set in stone for me . I may have a slightly different top 10 next year.

  1. Belladonna 30– Belladonna is a great remedy.  When I think of Belladonna, I think of red and hot.  It’s great for fever, headaches, earaches, sore throats, heatstroke, and pink eye.  You might even find it helpful with throbbing pains like a toothache or teething.
  2. Arnica 30– Arnica helps with pain such as bruising, sprains, and muscle soreness. Got a backache?  Grab Arnica.   It also helps with head injuries and shock.  It’s helpful both pre-surgery and post-surgery.  I relied on Arnica after a somewhat difficult vaginal birth, and it was all I needed (no Tylenol or pain medications)!
  3. Pulsatilla 30– If you have kids, you need Pulsatilla.  Simple as that!  Yucky nose with some lovely green/yellow snot?  Probably time for Pulsatilla.  Cough?  Headache? Colic?  Pulsatilla!  With almost anything cold-related in kids, Pulsatilla can be very helpful.
  4. Gelsemium 30– Gelsemium is another great one for headaches.  I also find that in combination with Allium Cepa, it can open up a stuffy nose to make breathing easier. Gelsemuim can also help relieve some of the achiness and other symptoms associated with the flu.
  5. Allium Cepa 30– This remedy is excellent for a clear, runny nose that just won’t stop running.  I also find that using it in combination with Histiminium 30 can help tremendously with seasonal allergies.  My son was taking 3 prescription allergy drugs EVERY DAY to help him function.  Thanks to this magnificent combo, he hasn’t needed any prescriptions in years!  His allergies are becoming less frequent, less intense, and more easily managed.
  6. Hepar Sulph 30–  This remedy is sometimes called the homeopathic antibiotic.  When I think of infection, I immediately think of Hepar Sulph. Got a cut that’s looking a little infected?  Hepar Sulph by mouth can help!  Ear infections, impetigo, sinus infection…Hepar Sulph should be considered.  It can even help with certain types of colds and coughs. It’s also helpful in addressing croup.
  7. Phosphorus 30– When I think of treating coughs, Phosphorus is often what I’ll try first.  It can help with both tickling coughs and congested coughs. Now, to be completely honest, coughs can be a bit tricky to treat.  Therefore, it’s probably wise to own multiple remedies that can address different types of coughs, in case Phosphorus doesn’t resolve the problem.  Spongia, Ipecacuahna, Drosera, and Bryonia are my other top picks for coughs.  But if I could only own one cough remedy, I would choose Phosphorus.
  8. Nux Vomica 30– Nux Vomica is easy to remember because part of its name suggests exactly what it can treat…vomiting. Any type of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other stomach-related issues can often be helped with Nux Vomica.  I also think of “Too Much” when I think of Nux Vomica.  If someone has had too many sweets, too much rich food, too much sun, too much work/stress, or even too much alcohol, Nux Vomica can help!
  9. Calendula Cream– Scratches, scrapes, and cuts call for Calendula!  Even burns and diaper rashes can benefit from Calendula.  Calendula’s primary function is to cause the skin to repair itself faster and more efficiently.  Just remember to clean the area well before applying Calendula.  Otherwise, new skin will grown in OVER the remaining bacteria and infection can develop.
  10. Ledum 30– You need Ledum because…bugs.  Ticks, Mosquitos, biting flies…Ledum is so very helpful!  Mosquitoes absolutely love both my children and me.  They will devour us!  But, if we take Ledum right after receiving a bite, the swelling and itching with disappear in minutes, and there will hardly be any sign of the bite remining.  Some homeopaths even suggest ledum as part of a tick-bite protocol to help prevent tick-borne illnesses.  You can also use Ledum for any type of puncture wound to the skin.

Preparation is Key When It Come to Homeopathic Remedies

So there you have it.  10 homeopathic remedies every family should own. However, it is imperative that you prepare NOW!  You KNOW that family members will be sick again at some point in the future, and if you wait until then, it will be too late to get your hands on what you need. I can’t stress preparation enough. When I see people fail with homeopathy, it’s usually because they didn’t have the right remedies at the right time. Check out my post on where to shop for homeopathic remedies if you need help finding quality remedies.

I also suggest that you have a few homeopathy books and resources on hand to help you learn even more about these remedies mentioned above.  I will link to some of my most-used books below.

Remember, nobody knows and loves your family as much as you do.  That means you are in a unique position to attentively and lovingly take care of them, and when necessary, seek further professional medical help.  Be wise and be ready, Diligent Mama!

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