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Where to Purchase Homeopathic Remedies

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Love homeopathy and need to purchase more homeopathic remedies? Here’s a list of 10 places you can purchase remedies so that you can find the exact remedy you need in the potency you want.

  • Homeomart– You know that little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that it seems only a handful of people even know about?  That’s how I feel about Homeomart!  Homeomart, which a homeopathic pharmacy located in India, is my very favorite place to purchase homeopathic remedies! But, before I go any further, I should point out that whenever you purchase remedies outside of the United States, our regulatory agencies are not overseeing the manufacturing process. If FDA regulation is important to you, you may want to stick with US-based brands. That said, I love Homeomart’s remedies for so for many reasons! First, they are very affordable! Even with the added cost of shipping, it still comes out to roughly $3 per bottle.  And speaking of bottles, their remedies come in glass bottles, which is so much better than plastic!  I also like ordering from them because they have had absolutely every remedy I’ve ever wanted to purchase in the exact potency I needed.  It’s a one-stop shop for me!  They also have some really interesting kits available.  The only downside is it can take a while to receive your order, and delivery time seems to vary based on the customs process.  I’ve received orders as in as little as one week, but it’s also taken up to a month.  If you have any trouble placing your order, you can always email your order to  He’s always been so helpful to me! You can see my remedies in the photo below. Most of them are Homemart brand, and even the cases are from Homeomart.


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  • Boiron USA– If you are looking for more of a reputable company that manufactures their remedies in the United States, Boiron might be a good option for you!  Their remedies come in these handy plastic dispenser that allow you to only dispense a few pellets at a time.  They are also very transparent about their manufacturing process, which helps some skeptics/ hesitant buyers feel better about their purchase. I often recommend Boiron to people who are new to homeopathy.
  • Vitacost– If you purchase a lot of natural/ organic grocery items, you probably know all about Vitacost! But for a long time, I thought they only offered food.  I was so pleased to find that they offer a selection of homeopathic remedies as well!  Vitacost also often has store sales and coupons that can be stacked to help you save as much as possible.
  • Whole Foods– For those of you that live near a Whole Foods, you’ll find a good homeopathic remedy section in the store.  It’s a great way to get your hands on a remedy that you need right away!
  • Your Local Health Food Store– Most local health food stores will carry some homeopathic remedies.  They may only carry a few blends and the more popular remedies, but you can always mention to the manager that you’d love to see them increase their selection!
  • Miranda Castro Store– Miranda is a well-known homeopath that offers a nice selection of homeopathic remedies, combos, and blends. She offers some awesome ointments and creams that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Washington Homeopathics– Remedies, topicals, kits…they’ve got it all! Their products are also manufactured in the United States.  They’ve got a strong reputation for customer service, and they also offer great sales.
  • Pure Formulas– Pure Formulas sells herb, vitamins, supplements, and homeopathy. I buy many items from them. They often have sales, and it’s easy to earn free shipping from them. They have a loyalty program where you earn points towards future orders. I also love that they often have free samples that you can add to your order. I was able to get several free tubes of an Arnica blend that way!
  • Wal-Mart– Yes, you read that correctly…Wal-Mart sells homeopathic remedies.  There is a small selection available in-store, such as Cold Calm, Sinus Calm, and Oscillococcinum.  There is a larger selection online, and shipping is pretty fast. 

So there you have it…Ten places to buy homeopathic remedies.  If you are having trouble finding a remedy called for in a particular protocol, don’t give up.  There are plenty of options, you just have to know where to shop!

Just getting started with homeopathy and wondering which remedies you should purchase first?

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