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7 Homeopathic Remedies for Your Summer First-Aid Kit

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Summer is everyone’s favorite season…except for sunburns, chlorine, tick bites, mosquito bites, poison ivy, and heat stroke!  But what if I told you that having a few simple Homeopathic remedies on-hand can make you a prepared Mama that’s ready for any summer waves that come your way?  It’s true!  

I believe homeopathy is the best medicine around because it’s made of natural substances.  It is safe with no known side effects. It’s affordable, its portable, and IT WORKS!  Read on to see the 7 remedies you need to grab for this summer.

 (Before I begin, I must remind you that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  Please use common sense and seek professional help from your health care provider when needed.  This information is for educational purposes only. Please consider it a conversation between 2 friends! Also, please know that this post contains affiliate links.  You can read more about them in my policies and disclaimers.)

child with sunburned back

1. For Sunburns: Cantharis (Calendula and Urtica can help too!)

First and foremost, we want to avoid burning. By carefully and gradually increasing our sun exposure, seeking shade when needed, etc, we can avoid sunburns and all kinds of skin damage.  However, sometimes burns still happen.  And when they do, Cantharis is an amazing remedy!  I’ll give my burned child several doses of Cantharis on Day 1, and slowly decrease the dosing schedule as the burn heals.  But, many times, what I’m sure will be a big burn on my fair-skinned child has completely disappeared by the next morning. No pain, no peeling, just gone!  With the help of the homeopathic remedy, the body has addressed the burn.

  • You can read more about Cantharis in the Materia Medica here.
  • See Cantharis on Amazon here.
  • For very severe burns, one might consider Urtica Urens.  
  • A topical application of Calendula cream may also help with skin healing. It’s also available in a gel form.

child scratching bite on arm

2. For Mosquito Bites (or any insect bites): Ledum Palustre 30

Mosquitos absolutely love both me and my children!  If we go outside during the Mississippi summer without bug spray, it’s not unusual for us to get 8-10 bites in a matter of minutes!  Ledum to the rescue!  Within minutes of popping a Ledum, the itching goes away, the swelling of the bite site goes down, and the redness fades away!  I keep Ledum in my purse all summer long, and I keep a second bottle in a special spot on the counter for the kids to grabs as needed.  It works well for bug bites of any kind!

  • You can read more about Ledum in the Materia Medica here.
  • See Ledum on Amazon here.
child underwater in pool

3. For Chlorine Exposure: Chlorinum 30

From red, stinging eyes to a burning sensation in the respiratory passages to itchy, dry skin…our bodies give us plenty of signs that the chlorine found in pools isn’t good for us!  But homeopathy can help address common problems brought on by chlorine exposure!  Chlorinum (sometimes called Chlorum) is an excellent remedy to keep on hand for those pool days.

  • You can read more about Chlorinum in the Materia Medica here.
  • It can be difficult to find Chlorinum, so I typically buy mine from Homeomart.  You can get more info on how to purchase from them here.

poison ivy plant

4. For Poison Ivy (or Poison Oak): Rhus Toxicodendron 30

Recently my boys went on a Trail Life campout, and they both came home with Poison Oak rashes.  It’s one of those dreaded downsides of the summer season! Rhus Tox was the first remedy I thought of.  It is actually made from Poison Ivy, which makes perfect sense in relation to the underlying principle of homeopathy which says “like cures like”. Within hours of beginning Rhus Tox, the itch was significantly better.  I also used some Calendula cream on the broken skin to help it heal.  Within a couple of days, the rashes were basically gone!

  • You can read more about Rhus Tox in the Materia Medica here.
  • See Rhus Tox on Amazon here.

hot child in stroller

5.  For Excessive Heat or Heat Stroke: Glonoinum 30

If you live in parts of the world that see extreme heat, you need to know about Glonoinum.  If you will be stuck out in the summer heat for hours at a time (hello, baseball tournament!),  you might choose to give a dose of Glonoinum every few hours to help ward off any sun strokes or hot weather symptoms.  Professional homeopathy Joette Calabrese also explains that it can a good remedy to use in the case of heat stroke.  When we are in high temperatures, and I see one of my kiddos with a super red face, I’m quick to grab my Glonoinum (and lots of water!)!

  • You can read more about Glonoinum in the Materia Medica here.
  • See Glonoinum on Amazon here.

embedded tick

6. For Tick Bites: Ledum 200

If you’ve ever founded a tick embedded on your child, you know that feeling of panic! We’ve all heard about the host of problems that can develop from tick borne illness.  That’s why I’m so thankful that homeopathic treatment is a safe way to address these bites.  I have a full plan on how we address tick bites that you can find here.  But if ticks are a problem where you live, I highly recommend you to look into Ledum!

  • You can read more about Ledum in the Materia Medica here.
  • See Ledum 200 on Amazon here.

close up of bee

7. For Bee Stings: Apis Mellifica 30

Wasps, bees, hornets…there are all sorts of buzzing, stinging creatures flying about during warm weather seasons!  These bites often bring sudden, intense symptoms. Over an over I’ve seen Apis save the day after a sting occurs. Crying, hysterical kiddos become calm and happy again within a few minutes of taking a dose of Apis.

  • You can read more about Apis is the Materia Medica here.
  • See Apis 30 on Amazon here.

Interested in learning more about Homeopathy?  Here are some Basic Facts Everyone Should Know, which includes links to research on Homeopathy.

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