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Homemade Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Tubes

picture of strawberr-banana Greek yogurt tubes on a white tray

Kids love yogurt, and those yogurt tubes are so convenient!  But have you ever checked the ingredients in those store-bought yogurt tubes? Eeek! Here’s a simple, fast recipe for a much healthier version than you can buy premade.  With real fruit, probiotics, natural sweeteners, beet root for added folates, and even some chia seeds for an antioxidant boost, these homemade Greek yogurt tubes really put the others to shame!

Recipe Card for Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Tubes

What You’ll Need to Make Homemade Yogurt Tubes

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  • Vitamix Blender- A Vitamix blender makes easy work of this kitchen task.  Even if you choose to start with frozen bananas and frozen strawberries, you’ll end up with super smooth, creamy yogurt in about 1 minute.  Just remember to start your speed on low then slowly increase.  I have a basic Vitamix without some of the bells and whistles on other models, and I find that it serves me well for so many kitchen tasks!
  • Yogurt Tubes and Mini Funnel- I love this set of yogurt tubes because they are easy to open, and easy to fill (thanks to the included mini-funnel).  They are also easy for kids to open on their own when they are ready to eat them.
  • Optional- Baby Food Pouches- If you’re in the baby food stage or if your big kid just needs a larger portion size, these Baby Breeza Refillable Pouches are awesome!  I could write a whole paragraph about why these pouches are so much better than other options out there. But here’s a hint…easy to fill + dishwasher safe = winner in this mom’s book!
  • Optional- You could also just serve these in little bowl containers with lids. Sometimes my kids prefer this serving style so that they can add all sorts of yummy toppings to their yogurt!  Did somebody say homemade granola and chocolate chips?!

Why Moms Will Love These Homemade Strawberry- Banana Greek Yogurt Tubes

Did you know that kids are supposed to have about 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day (source)?  That’s a lot.  And if you’re not being intentional, it’s just not going to happen.  You can knock out some of those fruits with this simple recipe.  You can also toss in a little kale or spinach to increase the veggie content.  The beetroot will keep the color a nice, inviting pink, so most kids will never know they’re eating their greens! 

We all know that yogurt contains gut-friendly probiotics, but did you know that a 2010 study found that kids who consume dairy containing probiotics just once per day contracted common childhood illnesses at a rate of 19% LESS than other children who were not consuming them? That’s a pretty significant improvement! And if you were going to give them a snack anyway, why not make it one that might keep them healthier?

These homemade Greek yogurt tubes are portable, easy-to-grab, and mess free making them perfect for breakfast in the car or an easy lunchbox addition. And, bonus…if your kid can’t finish the whole yogurt tube right now, close it back up with the resealable zipper, and you can just save it for later!

It’s also worth taking a minute to compare the ingredients label from a popular store-bought yogurt tube option to the healthier ingredient choices in this recipe. The difference in quality and nutritional value definitely makes the homemade version worth it!

Chart compaing store bought yogurt ingredients to homemade yogurt tubes

Why Kids Will Love These Homemade Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Tubes

Kids love the portable factor too!  If they can grab a snack and run back outside to play, it becomes a lot more appealing!  And, bonus: they don’t even need scissor to open them. Just open the zip top!

Additionally, these strawberry-banana yogurt tubes look very similar to the ones they are used to getting from the store, so it will be an easy transition.  The bright pink from the beet root reminds them of those brightly colored treats at the store, which are usually colored with Red Dye 3 and Red Dye 40. Speaking of those food dyes, it’s incredibly important for diligent mamas to know that research shows that all 9 food dyes currently approved for foods in the United States come with significant health concerns.  The International Commission on Occupational Health released a study that highlights animal research suggesting that many of these dyes are even carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Thankfully, natural, health-promoting alternatives like beet root powder are available and can give our kids the fun colors they love!

And bottom line, these homemade yogurt tubes are yummy.  Even though we started with plain, unsweetened Greek Yogurt, we’ve added in the sweetness they love with better options including banana, stevia, and local honey.

I keep some on hand in the fridge, but I also keep some in the freezer to serve popsicle-style!  Neighborhood friends often ask for these yogurt tubes when they are playing at our house.  It’s my little secret about the kale and beetroot, but hey…don’t ask, don’t tell can sometimes be a good thing, right? I find that the frozen version is especially popular with my own kiddos and their friends on hot summer days.

Homemade Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Tubes



  • Put all ingredients in blender (I recommend a high-power blender like my Vitamix to get everything smooth). (Vitamix Blender Link)
  • Blend until very smooth. Start on slower speed and increase.
  • Pour into yogurt tubes using mini funnel.
  • Refrigerate or freeze until ready to eat.


  1. Younger children will find it easier to eat them frozen, and there will be much less mess!
  2. You can try different variations of these homemade yogurt tubes. Blueberry, pineapple, peach, mixed berry…the possibilities are endless!
  3. I find that some brands of the little plastic yogurt tubes are easier to open and easier to fill than others.  Here are my favorites. (Yogurt Tube with Mini Funnel Link)

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